Welcome to my site. I'm a luthier based in Kingston, London. My passion for playing the mandolin and carpentry naturally led me into building my own instruments. 
 My focus is mandolin family instruments and steel string guitars . Each instrument is meticulously   crafted one at a time using mostly hand tools. This allows me to keep both the quality and detail to an exceptionally high standard.
 Ultimate tone, and playability, for me, is paramount and material selection an imperative starting point. A vast amount of time is given to ‘voicing’ each soundboard to suit the instruments I build. This makes the differences between and average sounding instrument and one that can really sing and resonate to its full potential. 
 I can work closely with customers to ensure the instrument is perfectly suited to the player. The choice of finish I offer is between an oil varnish or hard lacquer.  Inlays and decoration can be modest, elaborate  or    personalised   to  individual   taste.