Mandolin family

The mandolin family has a wide verity of shapes and sizes. My models include the mandola, octave mandola, bouzouki and irish cittern. These can feature either a flat top which has a warm mellow sound with more sustain or the more invloved carved top, a bright sound with more punch and volume. 




My steel string guitars range from all standard sizes from jumbo right through to tenor.  For the heart of the instrument (the inside reinforcement of the soundboard) I  use the Martin X brace system, in my humble opinion this is yet to be improved on.



My mandolin start from £950 and guitars from £1500 for a beautiful, simplistic design, finished with an oil varnish such as tru oil. Upgrades such as cutaways, exotic timber,  custom inlays or a hard lacquer finish can be added. Please contact me for a consultation and and I will create a no obligation quote based on your requirements. I ask for a 50% deposit before the build begins and the remaining amount payable on completion.